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I'll actually kick off this round this month! I recently attended a wedding party and afterwards used new.space to share some photos I took with some old (and new) friends. It was great here, because all the images were shared at full resolution, and it was super easy to share with folks using the QR code.

It made me realize however, that we definitely need a 'download all' function somewhere, because it felt a bit clunky to follow the select all -> download flow. I also noticed that in that space, folks didn't really use reactions a lot. It might have been simply because we were all outside & chatting and people weren't investigating the UI very much. Nevertheless, the main task of sharing the photos worked perfectly!

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Something I've used new.space for a lot recently is to quickly get photos and documents off my phone and onto my desktop. I had to provide some bank statements for an application form I was filling out on my PC, and needed to get the statements from the banking app on my phone. I went to new.space on my desktop and scanned the space's QR code with my phone to quickly open it, then I dropped the bank statements in there and downloaded them on my PC. I felt safe doing that, because new.space is end-to-end encrypted :) No more emailing sensitive files to myself!

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